Team Foundation Sidekick add-in (formerly Team Build Sidekick add-in)

End of support notice

Please note that as of January 7th, 2008 the add-in is no longer supported. The functionality previously available in the add-in is now part of Team Foundation Sidekicks 2.0 Visual Studio integration package.


Team Foundation Sidekick add-in is Microsoft Visual Studio add-in that extends the functionality available in Team Explorer for Team Build types and provides additional integration features for TFS Source Control Explorer. The complete source code is provided as well as an article describing Team Foundation Server Version Control object model methods used for the add-in.
First version (1.0) of the add-in was named Team Build Sidekick and contained only Team Build related functionality; upon addition of new features not related to Team Build in version 1.1 the application was rebranded to Team Foundation Sidekick add-in.


Check out screen
Check in screen
Configuration screen
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Search window screen

Feature set

The add-in allows version control operations for selected build type to be performed in Team Explorer. It provides the following commands:

  • Check out selected build type .proj file with single click
  • Edit checked out build type either in Visual Studio or in user's editor of choice
  • Check in modified build type files with single click
  • Undo check in on build type files
  • Configure what editor will be used for editing .proj files and additional add-in options

The commands Check out, Edit, Check in and Undo are available through Team Explorer context menu when selected build type is clicked, whereas Configure command is available in "Tools" menu.

In addition to Team Build related commands, starting with version 1.1 add-in also provides additional functions for better integration with Source Control Explorer in Visual Studio. The features available are:

  • Dynamic history feature allows user view history of each selected item in Source Control Explore without explicitly invoking "View History" for selected item. The feature is enabled or disabled through Configure window
  • Search items feature allows user to search items under source control and then jump to selected item in Source Control Explorer folder tree. The search permits using wildcards such as * (for any number of any characters)or ? (for any single character). The search window is invoked by clicking on "Search Items" menu visible upon right-click on selected item in Source Control Explorer.

Additional information is provided through Team Foundation Sidekicks blog.


The add-in is deprecated; the functionality is now available as part of Team Foundation Sidekicks 2.0 Visual Studio integration package.

You can still download the source code of Team Foundation Sidekick add-in (Read the article describing the add-in implementation).

Implementation notes

All of the build related functionality provided by the application is available through TFS Source Control Explorer or command-line client (see also the following MSDN article).

To provide dynamic history feature, Team Foundation Visual Studio extensibility classes are used (see blog post by Ed Hintz of Microsoft).

The add-in uses registry for configuration storage. You need to have write access to current user registry hive.

Team Foundation Server Explorer (and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0) must be installed on computer in order to run the application. The application was developed and tested under Team Foundation Server RTM version.


The Team Foundation Sidekick add-in is a freeware and may be used for any commercial or noncommercial purpose under the license.

Feedback and Support

We would be thankful for any feedback on application usage, desirable features and found bugs. If you feel that you are missing specific features - let us know and we shall endeavour to provide them in the next release.


We would like to thank for contribution

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