MSBuild Sidekick Walkthroughs

Walkthrough 3: Building Visual Studio C# project different configurations

In this walkthrough, you will run build on existing Visual Studio C# project, change build configuration from default (Debug) to Release and review logs of the build process.

Basic knowledge of MSBuild schema and build logic is assumed for this walkthrough.

Step1 : Open valid C# project
  • Click File->Open menu or Standard toolbar Open Project button and select valid C# project to open

Step2 : Build project
  • Click Build->Build Project menu or Build toolbar Build Project button

Step3 : Review build logs (error, detailed, console)

Step4 : Change configuration from Debug to Release for the build (set properties ConfigurationName=Release)
  • Click Build->Build Options menu or Build toolbar Build Options button
  • Switch to Project properties tab by selecting Project properties shortcut on the left pane of Build Options dialog
  • Add new record to table: Name = "Configuration", Value = "Release"

Step5 : Build Release configuration
  • Execute step 2 again. Reviewing the logs will show that build was performed for Release configuration

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