Team Foundaton Observations Bucket blog

The blog deals mainly with issues, practices and tips related to Team Foundation Server implementations.

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Sidekicks blog

The blog is Attrice Sidekicks applications public forum dedicated to usage practices, future plans and user feedback.

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Extending Team Foundation Server Version Control for Team Build Types Visual Studio integration

The article illustrates usage of Team Foundation Server object model in updating the files under version control. The functionality is implemented in Visual Studio add-in.

Microsoft Static Code Analysis Tools Survey

The article provides short survey of Microsoft Static Code Analysis tools (FxCop and Visual Studio 2005/2008 Team System integrated analysis), listing advantages and disadvantages of using each tool.

Exploring Attrice Team Foundation Sidekicks

In this article you will find a survey of the applications that make up Team Foundation Sidekicks suite as well as several typical usage scenarios for those applications.


The page contains noteworthy links related to configuration management or of interest otherwise. This list serves no ranking or marketing objective so please conider this list provided "AS IS".

Software Configuration Management community

CM Crossroads

CA Harvest Change Manager community

E.Crane Computing (USA)
Polaris technologies (Canada)
pureSCM (Canada)
Trinem Consulting (UK)

Microsoft Team Foundation Server community

Accentient (USA)
ImagiNET Resources Corp (Canada, USA)
Northwest Cadence (USA)
SRL (Israel)
Vertigo Software (USA)
Readify (Australia)

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